I draw with light.

Broke a couple of hearts
and mixed matched all the pieces
no reese’s when you melt…
in my mouth you said it was the best you ever felt
never dream you would have ever had to dealt wit
a jagged cut from that text collected from my trash bin
made you realize you was a next, and a has been
And I have been thinking ‘bout lately
All the time I made you think you was my lady
and its crazy, cuz you were my favorite maybe.
and the sex had me foamed at the mouth like rabies
and we lay skin to skin eye to eye.
swallowed my cum and I still kissed you goodnight.


Polaroid | Roosevelt - Egnima 

Azure Santos x Flamingo

Photo | Roosevelt - enigma 

Azure Santos x alexandrabeee

Photo | Roosevelt - enigma 

Azure Santos

Always fun with azuresantos 💋 Shot by enigmaticgpx
We should do something different. fuck me and shoot?

…Or nah


Shot by enigmaticgpx
Remonia Morrison
Photo by @enigmaticgpx

…and they say suicide blinds the mind
And you would say dying is a way to survive
Play your cards right, is what they say every time
But you know you gotta fold sometimes to get by